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A Rebel’s Journey:
My Path to Liberty

by: Darryl W. Perry


In 1999 Darryl W. Perry began a search for traditional values, which lead him down a path to the ideas of liberty. He tells the story in A Rebel’s Journey: My Path to Liberty.

“When you read stories about various persons paths to liberty, it’s amazing how many of these people have been ‘questioning authority’ since they were barely out of diapers. A Rebel’s Journey definitely puts Darryl Perry into this camp… where he stands out is in the very methodical way that he came to each conclusion on a subject of freedom. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes I think it’s crazy, but it’s always authentic. This is a heartfelt memoir, but it’s one with a point. And the point is: Anyone can find real freedom, no matter how winding the road is.” ~ Dr. Brian Sovryn, Sovryn Tech

“The soft spoken journey of one of the most hardcore peace activists is a rational take on the everyday logic of anarchism. Darryl Perry sees the beauty of freedom. The reader sees his beautiful soul.“ ~ Angela Keaton,

“It’s sad that the world is getting so bad that yearning for freedom is a rebellious act. But, for those who do want to rebel against tyranny this book is an excellent start down that path.” ~ Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante


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